Express Release PROGRAM

Express Release is a Rewards Program for FERROMEX Customers/Users who receive or ship freight.

This Program is for Consignees on Freight Received and Shippers on Freight Shipped.

The free time for loading and/or unloading is 24 hours, from when the car is placed.

The "Release Period" is the time between when non-private units are placed on any track and private units are placed on public tracks and when these units are released.

With the exception of that established in the Application Rules for Other Services, the Free Time for cars placed on public tracks is 08:00 am.

Each car with a "Release Period" of less than 18 hours receives 5 reward points; for every 10 points, one free day is awarded which can be applied to any car that generates standing fees on the same siding, in the same period, and for the same type of freight.

Ferromex will inform the program participants by or before the 10th of each month, of the balance of their standing fees and awards received, which will include all units released on their sidings the previous month.

Ferromex reserves the right to change or cancel the program on notification of its Customers.


Monthly Cut-Off
Points are applicable to Freight Received and Freight Shipped
Points are applied according to their type (DP to DP / DM to DM)
Points will be applied in the absence of any response
Applies to the same ZVP station
Units that are falsely released will lose their reward points
Customers with special arrangements and/or preferred rates will not be eligible for rewards
Does not apply to "Carrusel" Trains (Agricultural Products)