Social Responsibility


We have reaffirmed our commitment to the community by continuing to issue reduced rate cards to low-income residents; program that is implemented through the Tarahumara State Office, the Chihuahua State Department of Social Development, and the municipalities along the Chihuahua route to the Pacific.

We have a registry of 35,000 cards issued to local indigenous people and to low-income residents, which entitle the cardholders to the reduced rate. The full fare tourist economy class ticket from Chihuahua to Los Mochis currently costs US$112.92, equal to $1,441.69 pesos, while the reduced rate is US$23.46, equal to $299.52 pesos, which represents approximately 21% of the real value of the ticket. In 2013, we transported 77,030 passengers at the reduced rate.

We also contribute to the socioeconomic benefit of isolated communities in the states of Chihuahua and Sinaloa, whose only means of transportation is the train, supporting the travel of low-income residents and those who help these communities. We have issued a total of 87 cards to priests and nuns who serve homes and shelters along the route, and are often accompanied by vulnerable members of isolated communities. Furthermore, our efforts are not limited to simply transporting passengers, the train also opens access to health services, schools, commercial zones, labor activities, and jobs, offering a possibility of economic growth and social development.


“I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the support and accompaniment you have always extended to the priests, nuns and volunteer Missionaries by giving us cards to travel on the “Chepe” Train through the Tarahumara Mountains. Thank you very much and may the Lord bless you with spiritual and material riches for this important support.” Tarahumara Diocese

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