Social Responsibility


As part of our social commitment to benefit the communities in the Tarahumara Mountains, we offer free transportation for goods, which often consist of basic foodstuffs and supplies donated by government, private, and non-profit organizations.

Our commitment with the following institutions continues, providing free transportation of foodstuffs and goods.

  • Santa Maria de Guadalupe Mission, Temoris
  • Sacred Heart Mission, Bahuichivo
  • Chihuahua State Civil Protection Service
  • Ciudad Juarez Municipal Civil Protection Service

Banco de Alimentos de Cuauhtemoc A.C.

  • Ciudad Juarez Civil Protection Service
  • Santa Teresita Health & Services Center, Creel, Chih.
  • Children’s Shelter
  • Yermo y Parres School, Creel
  • Tehuecado Santa Maria de Guadalupe, Bahuichivo
  • Coordinadora Estatal de la Tarahumara
  • Down Syndrome Institute / Ameac
  • Mexican Red Cross
  • Chihuahua Rotary Club
  • Municipal & State DIF
  • Caritas de Chihuahua

During 2013, we transported 1,145 tons of freight in 21 railcars, containing products such as cement, potatoes, juices, sardines, and garbanzo beans, among other foodstuffs and supplies to benefit isolated communities.

Our Sales Department receives the requests for railcars to transport goods and is responsible for ensuring the compliance, coordination, and implementation of the procedures for the delivery of the goods. Also, this department applies the criteria established to determine the cause, beneficiaries, and projects to undertake.

The additional benefits we offer the community include providing support when the highways are closed due to landslides. When such events occurred this year, at the request of the municipalities, we offered to transport people who had been cut off and we transported foodstuffs and supplies.

“The Cuauhtemoc Food Bank (CFB) is one of 67 Banks in the country and its basic purpose is to obtain donations of food to distribute in food baskets to people living in extreme poverty.

In Chihuahua, our highest priority is the in the Tarahumara Mountains, where we serve 33 communities. Since 2004 (when the Bank was opened here), 330,000 food baskets have been delivered mainly in the Tarahumara Mountains, representing a total of 2,300 tons, with a commercial value of 54.4 million pesos, which translates into 18,071,429 meals.
Since the food alert was raised in Chihuahua, we’ve received support from various organizations, including Ferromex, which helped us by transporting more than 1,000 tons of foodstuffs to benefit the most vulnerable people who mostly live in the Tarahumara Mountains.
Once again, on the behalf of the CFB and, primarily, those we serve, I offer my deepest thanks for your valuable support and hope we can count on your continued collaboration in the future.”
Cuauhtemoc Food Bank

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